Now am 20 something,

I know my values and ethics,

I know that time is more precious than all.

Now am 20 something,

I am familiar with technology and the atlas,

I am not a slave to social caricature.


Now am 20 something,

I know what is wrong and right,

I think the most, listen more and talk less.

Now am 20 something,

I watch to learn not just to laugh,

I am responsible for all my actions.


Now am 20 something,

I know my purpose and mission,

I know my calling and vision.

Now am 20 something,

Am reading all i need to grow,

Am studying all i need to blow.


Now am 20 something,

I have twitter, facebook, skype and more,

I have books,brain and i blend.

Now am 20 something

I have the swag to play safe,

I know that wisdom makes the difference..


Now am 20 something,

I need a man not a boy,

I need a woman not a girl.

Now am 20 something,

I respect my parents and look forward to being one,

I honor Karma for all the opportunities to serve.






10 reasons why you should date an ibo man…not for the faint-hearted!!!

Memoirs of a Woman with Chutzpah

1. He won’t give u& 3 other girls engagement rings at the same time!!!

2. He loves you the way you are and doesn’t approve of skinny girls, food is essential and a woman should have an ample ass&great boobs to hold on to, flabby tummies still frowned at though!

3. He may not be romantic but everytime he calls u Obi’m or nne’m, know he means it.

4. You are the reason he works so hard and is always investing!

5. No pretences, he loves you whether u speak pidgin english to him or blow americana, he actually prefers d former.

6. He’ll give u money for your hair, clothes& personal needs without u asking or hinting at it, they love to care for their women.

7. Once he has found a wife he focuses on his money & God so u can put ur mind at rest if…

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#Dear Future Husband

Memoirs of a Woman with Chutzpah

 My one&only husby,

I’m hoping you read this but even if I haven’t met you, I know I will soon. We’ve all been waiting for you for a while now. What’s keeping you? Was your flight delayed or are you too busy making our millions? My aunties keep asking, my mum keeps praying and even my father has a look in his eyes these days like “Oh girl, how far? Wetin dey happen?” I used to tell them you were on the next bus coming into town but then I realised that my future husband would have a car and not just one of those that went toh-toh-toh with thick exhaust fumes and body-odor laced wind-conditioning. Also he would not be a johnny-just-come so brothers in the village or who recently moved to town please do not see me in a vision or ask pastor about me.

My dear husband…

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